Terms & conditions

The Mileage Plan™
These Conditions of Membership govern member participation in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ Program. It is the members' responsibility to read and understand these Conditions of Membership and to monitor the Alaska Airlines website to determine if there have been any changes. Alaska Airlines will send electronic notification of any material changes to these Conditions of Membership to any member who elects to receive the Mileage Plan™ E-Statements. No rights of any kind accrue in the Mileage Plan™ Program except as specifically defined herein. There are no exceptions to these Conditions of Membership except for those set out in this document. Alaska Airlines reserves the right to interpret and apply these Conditions of Membership in its sole discretion. Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan™ Program may be modified by Alaska Airlines at any time, or terminated with 180 days' notice.

We offer many program benefits and individuals may join the Mileage Plan™ Program online, by calling Mileage Plan™ Customer Care, through our Reservations offices or other Alaska Airlines channels. Corporations and other entities are not eligible to become Mileage Plan™ members but may enroll in EasyBiz. There are no group or family memberships; each individual must enroll separately. Enrollment in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ Program requires each individual to provide his/her name, address, phone contact, and date of birth. Members will be asked to verify all of this information before speaking with Alaska Airlines employees about their accounts.

Earning Mileage Plan™ Miles
Mileage Plan™ Miles can be accrued by:

  • Flying on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air;
  • Using an authorized debit or credit card for qualifying purchases;
  • Using the services of a Mileage Plan™ Partner; or
  • Promotional Bonus Miles may be awarded by Alaska Airlines or one of its Mileage Plan™ Partners.

Alaska Airlines reserves the right to amend or delete any or all of the means currently recognized for accruing Miles and to exclude specific types of transactions or tickets from the accumulation of mileage.

Mileage will be accrued only to the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ account of the member who actually travels or purchases goods or services and whose name appears on the passenger flight coupon, hotel receipt, car rental agreement or goods or services invoice.

Mileage Plan™ Miles cannot be pooled or accrued by different persons (including family members) into the same Mileage Plan™ account, with the following exception: Alaska Airlines Bank of America cardholders with a secondary card will accrue miles into the primary cardholder's account.

On qualifying flights, Mileage Plan™ members will receive mileage credit based upon the nonstop mileage between the origin and destination cities indicated on the ticket. When travel involves a connecting flight with a change of flight numbers, members will receive mileage credit for each flight segment. A flight segment is defined as travel on flights with the same flight number between an origin and final destination, regardless of intermediate stops. Members will earn the actual published mileage between the origin and the destination cities or 500 miles, whichever is greater.

The following types of tickets are not eligible for accrual of Mileage Plan™ Miles:

  • Unused tickets;
  • Mileage Plan™ Award tickets, with the exception of AS50 Money and Miles Awards
  • Complimentary tickets;
  • Non-revenue travel tickets;
  • Reduced industry rate tickets;
  • Charter tickets;
  • Consolidator rate tickets;
  • Value Travel Authorizations (VTA) tickets;
  • Two-for-one companion tickets;
  • Tickets on certain subcontract service flights;
  • Tickets that do not display a fare (e.g., ADOO Tickets; WD1B Tickets, bulk or wholesale tickets, etc.); or
  • Any ticket acquired or used in violation of these Conditions of Membership;
  • Any discount ticket deemed ineligible by Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air

In addition, Mileage Plan™ Miles are not awarded for flights cancelled due to weather or maintenance issues.

Mileage accrued in other airlines' frequent flyer programs may not be used toward MVP® or MVP® Gold status qualification. When using MVP® or MVP® Gold benefits, including First Class Upgrades, mileage may not be accrued in any other airlines' frequent flier program. The member's Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ number must appear in the reservation such that mileage accrued for that flight will be credited to the member's Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ account, before MVP® or MVP® Gold benefits, including First Class Upgrades, may be used on that flight.

Alaska Airlines reserves the right to determine the eligibility of new fare types for mileage credit as they become available.

A member who is enrolled in more than one airline's frequent flyer program may not receive mileage credit in more than one frequent flyer program for the same activity. Members must identify the frequent flyer program in which he/she wishes to accrue miles for a particular itinerary before travel commences. For example, if a member flies with one of Alaska Airlines' partner carriers, the member may elect to receive mileage credit in either the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ or in the other airline's plan, but must notify the operating carrier of that choice before travel commences. Transferring mileage from one airline's frequent flyer program to another is not permitted, except as permitted by participation in Points.com.

It is the responsibility of the member to retain passenger receipts, boarding passes, hotel receipts, car rental agreements, etc. until mileage credit appears on a membership statement.

The member must notify Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ Customer Care of any discrepancies in his or her membership statement within one year of the activity date unless a shorter time period is identified by partner. The request and supporting documentation should be sent directly to the Mileage Plan™ Program at one of the points of contact listed above. Requests must include the member's name, Mileage Plan™ account number and supporting documentation. For airline mileage credit, the member must send boarding passes and a copy of his or her ticket or electronic confirmation letter. For car rental mileage credit, members should include a copy of the rental receipt. For hotel stay mileage credit, members should include a copy of the hotel receipt/folio. For all other transactions for which mileage may be accrued, Alaska Airlines requires a copy of the sales invoice or other proof of payment. All documentation must be legible and include the full legal name of the traveler (initials are not acceptable) and the dollar value of the transaction. Some Mileage Plan™ Partners may require the supporting documentation be sent directly to them to determine mileage eligibility.

Requests for retroactive credit for travel on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air may be made online or by calling Mileage Plan™ Customer Care. Mileage may be credited for up to one year from the date of the qualifying activity. Mileage cannot be credited for activity that occurred prior to enrollment in the Mileage Plan™ Program.

Mileage will not accrue on flights operated by non-partner airlines. If a member is rerouted on another carrier due to an Alaska Airlines or partner carrier flight cancellation for operational reasons that occurred on the day of travel, the member may earn mileage credit for the original itinerary by mailing or faxing the original passenger receipt and boarding pass, along with a brief explanation, to the Mileage Plan™ Program at the address above. Mileage will not be credited if a voluntary flight change is made on another carrier due to a delay by Alaska Airlines or an airline partner.

Bonus Miles
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ Program may offer members limited-time opportunities to accrue Bonus Miles into their Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ Program account. These offers are outlined in our Bonus Miles chart.

Redeeming Mileage Plan™ Miles
Award travel space is limited and subject to blackout dates and other capacity controls. Alaska Airlines cannot ensure availability of award seats on any flight, route, or date.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ awards may include one of the following: a one-way, round-trip or open jaw itinerary. One en-route stopover at an eligible city is allowed on round-trip itineraries. Stopovers are not allowed on one-way awards. An exception allowing an otherwise-illegal open jaw trip is permitted when travel is between the State of Alaska and the lower 48 states and a stopover occurs in Southeast Alaska.

Alaska Airlines reserves the right to establish redemption rules and to set the number of Miles required to obtain Mileage Plan™ benefits, including award travel and upgrades. Such criteria are subject to change at Alaska Airlines' sole discretion without notice. The number of Miles required to redeem an award shall be that number of Miles set by Alaska Airlines when Miles are redeemed for the award, not when mileage is accrued. Notifications or changes concerning the procedures for redeeming mileage, accruing mileage, mileage award levels and membership rules will be published by Alaska Airlines and will be available at alaskaair.com. It is the responsibility of the member to review these Conditions of Membership prior to redeeming Miles for an award.

Changes in award levels, or Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ procedures and rules may affect the manner in which Miles are redeemed for awards or the number of Miles needed to obtain an award, regardless of the award levels and rules in effect at the time the Miles were accrued.

Certain fees may apply to mileage redemptions that are performed through the award reservations page on Alaska Airlines' website or through our Reservations offices.

Mileage is deducted at the time an award reservation is made and an electronic award ticket issued. Any applicable taxes, fees or costs will be collected at time of ticketing.

Alaska Airlines reserves the right to charge administrative, membership or other fees associated with the Mileage Plan™ Program, including mileage redemption fees.

A member will not be permitted to redeem Mileage Plan™ Miles for an award unless he or she has the full mileage balance required for the award in his or her Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ account. Ticketing will be completed at the time of booking. Award reservations may be canceled without a fee within three days of booking. Award travel must be ticketed either via the award reservations page on Alaska Airlines' website, or through Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Reservations.

Once issued, all Mileage Plan™ awards and award tickets are the responsibility of the member. Alaska Airlines is not responsible for paper tickets lost in transit, whether sent by U.S. Mail, FedEx, UPS, or other methods.

A member who has lost his or her paper ticket should contact an Alaska Airlines Reservations office. A service fee will be charged to replace lost or destroyed paper tickets.

Service fees will apply to replace, extend, reissue or exchange award tickets, and to redeposit miles into the member's account. Such fees are waived for MVP® Gold members. All service fees are non-refundable.

Travel on award tickets will be subject to the tariff, contract of carriage, ticket terms and travel re-accommodation policies of the carrier on which travel is scheduled.

If a change is made to an award reservation which requires an additional amount of Miles, those Miles must be taken from the same account from which the original award was redeemed.

Standby travel is not permitted on one-way award ticket itineraries. Standby travel on earlier flights is permitted on the return portion of a round-trip award ticket.

Award tickets have no cash value and are not refundable but Miles may be redeposited for a service fee. This service fee is waived for MVP® Gold members.

Alaska Airlines award tickets or Miles may not be sold, purchased or bartered except as permitted on Points.com. Mileage or tickets are void if transferred for cash or other consideration, except for valid Mileage Plan™ Buy Miles, Gift Miles or Transfer Miles transactions processed through Points.com. Such actions shall be considered acts of fraud against Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines urges members to avoid purchasing or transferring Mileage Plan™ Miles through third parties other than Points.com. The member and/or the traveler shall be liable for the full, unrestricted value of awards issued as a result of improper or fraudulent transfers or otherwise in violation of these Conditions of Membership. Alaska Airlines reserves the right to deactivate the Mileage Plan™ account, and/or remove the Miles from the account of any member who violates these terms until liability is fulfilled.

Passengers whose itineraries are interrupted due to irregular operations while traveling on a Mileage Plan™ award ticket will be rerouted by the operating carrier.

Mileage Plan™ members are responsible for all taxes, fees and surcharges applicable to award travel. Additionally, benefits received under the Mileage Plan™ may be subject to taxes. Any such tax is the sole responsibility of the Mileage Plan™ member.

For members redeeming an award on a partner airline, connecting travel will be provided by Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air to the nearest gateway city of the airline partner at no additional charge. Connecting flights should be requested and reserved at the time the award travel is booked and ticketed. Travel is for connection purposes only and subject to availability.

Travel to and from international destinations is subject to foreign government approvals, restrictions and passport/visa requirements. International documentation requirements, departure taxes and airport user fees, if any, are the responsibility of the member and the member's traveling companions.

Infants traveling with award ticketed passengers traveling on certain partner carriers to international destinations are subject to an additional fee at the point of departure. International tariff laws require all infants to be individually ticketed. It is the passenger's responsibility to contact the partner carrier to determine the fee for the infant's transportation, and to arrange ticketing for the infant.

The name associated with the award ticket in the reservation must match exactly the name on the passenger's government identification or passport.

Changes to the Mileage Plan™ and Member Accounts
Alaska Airlines may terminate the Mileage Plan™ Program 180 days after publishing notice of program termination on www.alaskaair.com.

Alaska Airlines may, in its sole discretion, amend the Mileage Plan™ Conditions of Membership, including terminating any member's ability to redeem miles already accrued, at any time.

Any and all changes in the Conditions of Membership, including rules regarding the number of Miles needed for a Mileage Plan™ award, are retroactive and apply to all previously accumulated mileage.

The accumulation of mileage in a member's account does not entitle the member to any vested rights with respect to any specific awards or specific Mileage Plan™ benefits. In accumulating mileage, members may not rely upon the continued availability of any award or award level, and members may not be able to obtain awards for all destinations or flights. Alaska Airlines may, among other things:

  • Change Mileage Plan™ benefits, participant affiliations, or cities served;
  • Limit the number of seats available for award travel or otherwise restrict the continued availability of travel awards or special offers;
  • Increase or decrease the mileage required for an award; or
  • Modify transferability of awards.

Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan™ partners may on occasion implement changes affecting Mileage Plan™ benefits without prior notice to members.

Mileage Expiration
Mileage Plan™ Miles do not have an expiration date and may remain in an active account indefinitely, provided that the Mileage Plan™ Program has not been terminated pursuant to these Conditions of Membership. However, not withstanding any term to the contrary, if a Mileage Plan™ account is inactive for 2 years, Alaska Airlines may close the account, delete any mileage balance and reassign the Mileage Plan™ number. Deleted mileage cannot be reinstated. Activity in an account includes redeeming a Mileage Plan™ award or accruing mileage in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ Program.

Account Information
Alaska Airlines does not mail paper Mileage Plan™ Program statements or notices. Members may elect to receive a monthly e-Statement via e-mail, may view current activity on Alaska Airlines' website, or may call Mileage Plan™ Customer Care for any updates to the member's Mileage Plan™ account.

Alaska Airlines is unable to provide copies of previously issued e-Statements. However, members can obtain detailed Mileage Plan™ account activity from the previous 24 months online. Activity that occurred more than 24 months ago cannot be accessed. A My Account profile is required to view activity online. Members may set up a My Account profile at alaskaair.com. A User ID and Password will be required to set up a My Account profile. Members will be asked to provide the User ID and Password when accessing account information online. It is the member's responsibility to protect his or her User ID and Password so that unauthorized users may not gain access to their My Account information. Alaska Airlines reserves the right to cease transmitting e-Statements, and/or related materials at any time.

Members will be asked to confirm their identities and certain account information before Mileage Plan™ Customer Care representatives may discuss account details. However, parents may generally access information concerning their minor children unless prohibited by law, regulation or court order.

Airline and Non-Airline Partners
Alaska has a variety of airline and non-airline partners that permit the accrual and/or redemption of mileage in the Mileage Plan™ Program to members who utilize their products or services. These partners are independent entities and Alaska Airlines is not responsible for the nature or quality of the products or services provided by those partners.

Alaska Airlines is not responsible for, and assumes no liability for changes imposed by partner carriers, including changes in award levels, accrual amounts, rules, award cancellations, withdrawal of the partner carrier, or discontinued service between cities.

Partners may, at their discretion and without notice, change the amount of mileage required for their awards, the amount of miles credited for an activity, or impose other restrictions upon the use of awards on their flights.

Permissible routings and destinations for award travel on airline partners vary by airline partner.

Partner award seat availability may be different for Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ members than for members of the partner's own loyalty/frequent flyer program.

Mileage Transfers
Mileage Plan™ Miles are not transferable and may not be combined with another member's account or with other accounts of the same member except as permitted by the Mileage Plan™ Transfer Miles program offered by Points.com.

General Terms and Conditions
Awards or accrued Miles, including purchased Miles, do not constitute the property of the member to whose Mileage Plan™ account the miles have been posted. However, awards or accrued Miles do provide the member with an option to exchange such Miles for travel at the redemption level in effect at the time of redemption (not at the time of accrual).

Alaska Airlines reserves the right to audit Mileage Plan™ accounts at any time and without notice to the member to ensure compliance with these Mileage Plan™ Conditions of Membership and applicable conditions of carriage and/or tariffs. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies or violations, the processing of Mileage Plan™ awards, mileage accrual or redemption of accrued mileage may be suspended until the discrepancies or violations are resolved to Alaska Airlines' satisfaction. Alaska Airlines reserves the right to terminate the membership and/or suspend access to the mileage balance of any member at any time for any reason it deems appropriate.

Mileage credit, award travel, MVP® Gold Guest Upgrades, Companion Fare Discount Codes or Board Room passes may not be sold, purchased or bartered, except Mileage Plan™ miles may be purchased or transferred through valid Mileage Plan™ Buy Miles, Gift Miles or Transfer Miles transactions processed through Points.com. Mileage, certificates or tickets sold, purchased or bartered through other sources are void. Attempts to purchase, sell or barter these products shall be considered an act of fraud against Alaska Airlines. The member and/or the traveler shall be liable for the full, unrestricted value of awards issued as a result of improper or fraudulent transfers or otherwise in violation of these Conditions of Membership. Alaska Airlines reserves the right to deactivate the Mileage Plan™ account of any member involved in such activities until liability is fulfilled.

In the event a Mileage Plan™ member perpetrates a fraudulent or deceitful act against Alaska Airlines, any of its partners or any of its customers, or if a Mileage Plan™ member engages in behavior offensive to Alaska Airlines' employees, partners or customers, Alaska Airlines may, without notice and in its sole discretion, suspend the Mileage Plan™ member's account; terminate membership in the Mileage Plan™ Program; cancel all previously accumulated mileage; refuse to transport; and/or confiscate any certificates or tickets previously issued. Reinstatements are subject to an administrative fee, if Alaska Airlines elects to reinstate the account. Alaska Airlines reserves its right to seek all available damages at law and in equity that may result from a member's violation of the terms of the Mileage Plan™ Program.

Alaska Airlines may make lists of Mileage Plan™ members' names and mailing addresses available to Mileage Plan™ Partners so that such partners may contact members with information about products and services. Alaska Airlines does not share members' telephone numbers, credit card information or e-mail addresses. Alaska Airlines also does not share names, addresses or other contact information of any Mileage Plan™ member whom we know or believe to be under age 18. Members may view Alaska Airlines most up-to-date Privacy Notice at www.alaskaair.com. Members who do not want to receive materials from Mileage Plan™ Partners should notify Alaska Airlines via e-mail to opt.out@alaskaair.com; by telephone at 1-800-654-5669 ; or by written request to:

Alaska Airlines Customer Care
P.O. Box 24948
Seattle, WA 98124

The member's name, address, telephone number and Mileage Plan™ account number should be included in all communications.

Limitations on Damages

Alaska Airlines' Partners Terms and Conditions
In addition to Alaska Airlines' Conditions of Membership and Program Guidelines, Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan™ Partners may have their own policies and rules that affect members' Mileage Plan™ benefits. It is incumbent upon members to check directly with the particular Mileage Plan™ partner to obtain additional terms, conditions or restrictions.